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Life History


Married in High Peak, Derbyshire, England

Derek was a student and a lodger when the family was living at 69Wepre Park, Connah's Quay. I remember lying in bed one night and a rowhad broken out. Something had caused my dad to fly into a rage and hethrew Derek and mother out of the house. What went on that night I canonly speculate but it led to the seperation of my parents and monthslater the family split into two. Darrell and Colin stayed with Donwhile Jane and I moved to Castleton with mother and Derek. Theymarried in 1977 and I remember the frequent and intense rows they had.

Derek was an entrepeneaur and tried his hand at various businessventures. I remember helping him build four poster beds, and strippingprecious metals from old computer equipment. He also opened ajewellery store and at one time had a stall in the local supermarket.A fire broke out one night and the jewellery store was lost in theflames. Derek rushed to the supermarket and returned with boxes ofice-cream that was all that could be salvaged.

Derek and mother opened an antiques shop in Wesk Kirby but like theother businesses it never really took off. Their marriage was also adisiaster and they divorced in 1984.



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