Adam DATLEN William Adam DATLEN Adam James DATLEN Henry Mark DATLEN Charles Walter DATLEN John DATLIN George Frederick Marlow DATLIN Joseph Archibald Marlow DATLEN Harry Marlow DATLEN James Marlow DATLEN Joan? Marlow DATLEN Mini tree diagram


about 18011,2,3,4,5 - about 18731


Life History

about 1801

Born in Dover, Kent, England.1,2,3,4,5


Friends in Marriage was witnessed by ? bushell & Hester Clift.7,8

1st Jul 1827

Married Adam DATLEN in Old St. James The Apostle Church, Dover, Kent, England..7,8

25th Apr 1828

Birth of son William Adam DATLEN in Dover, Kent, England..9,2,10

24th May 1830

Birth of son Adam James DATLEN in Dover, Kent, England.11,12,13,2,14,15,16

20th Jul 1832

Birth of son Henry Mark DATLEN in Dover, Kent, UK..17,18,19,2,4,20,21,22

31st May 1835

Birth of son Charles Walter DATLEN in Dover, Kent, England.23,24,2,25,4,26

3rd May 1837

Birth of son John DATLIN in Dover, Kent, UK..2,4,27,28

1st May 1839

Birth of son George Frederick Marlow DATLIN in Dover, Kent, England.29,30,31,2,4,5,32,33


Resident in St James Street, Dover, Kent, England.2

10th Jun 1841

Birth of son Joseph Archibald Marlow DATLEN in Dover, Kent, England.34,35,36,37,4,38,39

about 1842

Birth of son Harry Marlow DATLEN in Presumed Dover, Kent, UK.

about 1843

Birth of son James Marlow DATLEN in Presumed Dover, Kent, UK.

about 1844

Birth of daughter Joan? Marlow DATLEN in Presumed Dover, Kent, UK.


Occupation ShopKeeper.4

between 1851 and 1861

Resident in 42 St James Street, Dover, Kent, England.4,5


Resident in 66 St James Street, Dover, Kent, England.3

about 1873

Died in Dover, Kent, England.1

15th Feb 1873

Buried in St James, Dover, Kent, England.6


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