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ADAM DATLEN  Son of Johannes

"Adam II became a Freeman of Dover 11.4.1928 by right of marriage to Ann - Daughter of Mark Marlow. Some of the sons of Adam and ANN also claimed their rights to be Freemen as the sons of a FREEMAN. See extracts from CENSUS 1851 for more exact records." Source: 1841 Census extract by Robert Terry Datlen.

"DATLEN - In Parish Registers of Old St. James Church, now held at St. Mary-the-Virgin, Dover, also in Poll Books of 1832-1871, and Book of Freemen held at Town Clerk's Office, until 1906 recorded as DATLIN." Source: Robert Terry Datlen family tree.

I have not found any evidence that Adam or his sons were Freemen of Dover. There is no indication in the 1841 or 1851 census of this.

The Freemen's Rolls and apprenticeship articles for Dover are all held by County Archives at the EKA and are also available on microfilm at Dover Library. Dover Museum holds the Register of Freemen from 1666, the Rolls for post-1830 and the Honorary Freemen Rolls.


CAROLINE DATLEN  Daughter of Robert | Johannes

The 1881 census has Caroline Datlen living as a boarder in "Paragon", Streatham, Surrey. Her occupation was a school governess the same as her older sister Emma who worked in Russia also as a governess. There are two children living with Caroline, Alin Datlen aged 7, and Maud Datlen aged 8, both were born in St Clement Danes, Middlesex, England. I have no record of them in the Datlen Register of Births and I am sure these children must be adopted orphans.

The 1891 census has Caroline Datlen as a visitor of the residence of William Thomas, the same head of household as in the 1881 census above but who was now living at "The Knoll", Kings Road, in Clapham, London.  Maud and Alan are now both listed as the son and daughter of William with the surname of Thomas.  I suspect that the 1881 census shows the incorrect surname for them.


CHARLES WALTER DATLEN  Son of Adam | Johannes

The 1861 has Charles W Datlen living with his wife, Jane Charlotte Datlen at Oxenden Street, Dover [RG9-549-44-5]. He is aged 25 years and occupation is given as mariner. But another 1861 entry has a Charles Datlin aboard the vessel "John Penn" also aged 25 years, married, and born in Dover [RG9-4447-32-]. I believe that these are both the same man. I have discounted the possibility that the latter entry could be a different name as it is clearly written. If they are two entirely different people then there must be another branch of the Datlen family as yet undiscovered as there are no other Charles Datlen's of this age at this time.

The enumerator may have assumed that Charles was at home when he was not.

The Times 16 December 1865 - The Fatal Collision in the Channel
The Times 8 January 1866 - The Late Fatal Collision off Dover


CHARLOTTE DATLEN  Daughter of Johannes

A search through the various census returns reveals a couple of possible matches for Charlotte's born in Chatham about 1808:

Charlotte Austin, married to John Austin a veterinary surgeon residing in Dover. Their eldest son is called Adam. Charlotte was a laundress and later a widow and greengrocer. [1841, 1851, 1861]

Charlotte Abbey, a pauper and widow residing in London with three daughters. [1851]

Charlotte Brunskill, married to George Brunskill a police officer residing in London. [1851, 1861, 1871]

Charlotte Knapman, married to William Knapman a Grenwich Pensioner. Residing at 24 Clarence Place, East Stonehouse, Devon. [1881]


ELIZA DATLEN  Daughter of Robert | Johannes

The 1841 census shows Eliza Datlen is 14 years old which puts her birthdate as 1827. Her father Robert Datlen married Mary Ann Sneller-Willis in 1831. There is no indication that Robert was previously married.

Was Eliza born out of wedlock?
Did she have a different mother?

I have browsed the IGI and found that an Eliza Castle Willis was christened 11 Mar 1827 at St Mary The Virgin, Dover. (Batch no. C036563) Only the mother's name is given which is Mary Willis. Robert and Mary had their 10 other children baptised at Saint Mary The Virgin and Mary Willis' mother was Ann Castle.

It seems then, that Eliza was born out of wedlock to Mary Willis before she married Robert Datlen. Mary would have been about 20 years old and Robert only 16 years old!

There is a 4 year gap between Eliza's birth and her mother's marriage to Robert. Does this indicate that Robert was not the father or was he considered too young to marry at 16 and had to wait until he was 20?


EMMA DATLEN  Daughter of Robert | Johannes

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HARRIET DATLEN  Daughter of Robert | Johannes

The England and Wales GRO Marriage Index has the marriage of Harriet Datlen in 1866. There are two possible spouses - James Francis and William J Daniels.

I searched the 1881 British census for either of these possibilites and found the follwing likely match:-

Household Record  1881 British Census













Harwich, Essex, England







Dover, Kent, England







Harwich, Essex, England


Source Information:
  Dwelling:      47 Kings Hd St
  Census Place:  Harwich St Nicholas, Essex, England
  Film:          1341430
  PRO Ref:       RG11
  Piece/Folio:   1782 / 28
  Page Number:   50



HENRY DATLIN  Son of Robert | Johannes

The 1871 census shows Henry and his wife Mary living in Dover with two children, Harriet aged 8 and James aged 6. However, Henry and Mary were married in 1870 so the children were either born out of wedlock or one of the parents were previously married.

The 1881 census lists Henry and Mary but Harriet's surname is now Sackree. This would suggest that Mary was previously named Sackree either by marriage or birth.

I found a christening on the IGI for Harriet Sackree which gave her parents as Mary Ann and James. The christening took place in Folkestone in 1862 which fits with her approximate birth date according to the census returns.

I found a possible marriage match in the GRO index between James Sackrie and Mary Ann Terry (but his wife could also be Eliza Jane Keeler). this took place in Elham, Kent in 1858. And I found the birth records for Harriet Sackree in 1862 and James William Sackree in 1864, both in Elham.

Another marriage took place in 1860 between James Sackree and Elizabeth Hogben or Susannah Ashman) which further confuses the picture becasue the 1861 census shows a James and Elizabeth Sackree with their daughter Harriet aged 1 month. And in 1871 the same family was listed with the addition of George, james, Rose and Sarah.

So I must be careful not to fall into the trap of tracing the wrong family line. I will send for Hanry Datlin's Marriage Certificate which will give me his spouse's maiden name and whether she was previously married.



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JOSEPH DIETLEN  Son of Johannes

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ROBERT ELGAR DATLEN  Son of Robert | Johannes

Extract from "Discourse on the origin and history of the name Datlen”, in what appears to be a fourth page of the Robert Terry Family Tree
Robert Elgar Datlen 1838-1928, Fisherman per 1841 Census 1807-1811, son of Robert 1804-1880's - Owner of fishing smacks at crosswall - Fish salesman and auctioneer, grew up, and had business relations with Cullen family who had ship-building yards under Archcliffe Fort, also with Crundall family who had timber merchant business there also, these were bought out by London, Chatham & Dover Railway company who tunnelled Shakespeare Cliff and laid railway to Dover Town Station, now gone, standing next to Lord Warden Hotel, now Southern House (Southern Railway H.Q.) and Custom house.

William H. Crundall, Esq., Mayor of Dover (Knighted c.1890) 1886 to 1888 and 1891, 1892, 1893, 1894, 1897, 1898 & onwards for 12 years (?). The crundalls obtained leases of land, Barton Road, Buckland Avenue, Godwyne Road, Castle Avenue, Leybourne and other Castle lands and it was said the Datlen and Willis families claimed some title to these lands c.1670-80 when these large estates were built.

Robert Elgar Datlen ran away from home aged 14 years, and sailed around the world for some years in the barque "William Adam"


WILLIAM ADAM DATLEN  Son of Adam | Johannes

Found a possible match for William in the 1851 census HO107_1632_344_3
St Mary, Dover, Kent in the household of William Alswell, Town Cuncellor and Inn Keeper: William was 20 years old and working as a servant.


WILLIAM ARCIBALD JOSEPH DATLEN  Son of George | Adam | Johannes

According to the UK marriage records (Marriages Sep 1903, Hendon, 3a/442) William Datlin married Rose Herrmann in 1903. Yet the 1901 census clearly states that they were married at this time and had 5 children together. I also thought it odd that I couldn't find their children's birth in the UK Birth records. I did have a Winifred Datlin registered in 1894 and a Catherine Mary Datlin registered in 1901 both in Reading which I felt was correct for two of their children but no trace of Ethel (1891), William (1898) or Rose (1899).

As William and Rose appeared to have married after the birth of there children I though to check the UK birth records under the mother's surname - Herrmann. There was an Ethel Harman registered in Cookham (near Reading) in 1891. More convincingly though there was a Winifred Herrmann registered in Reading in 1894 and the volume and page number was the same as the corresponding entry I had found for Winifred Datlin.

There was also an entry for William Edward G Herrmann registered in Reading in 1897, a Rose Isabel Herrmann registered in Reading in 1899 but I couldn't find an entry for a Catherine Herrmann.

If the first child Ethel, who was born in 1891, was the daughter of William then he would have been only 17 years of age. He appears on the 1891 census living at home with his parents and no sign of his future wife Rose Herrmann. Ethel may not be Williams daughter but Winifred born in 1896 would probably be Williams daughter as she appears in the registers under Herrmann and Datlin.

I need to obtain the certificates of birth and marriage to try and understand why William and Rose chose not to marry until 1903 despite living as a couple for a few years prior and producing offspring. Also I would like to find Rose Hermann on the 1891 census to see if she was previously married and with a child, Ethel.




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