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ResearchAll the research and source material referred to on this website can be found in this section. Original images are provided and full references given where known. Where images have been reproduced I have given details of the originating repository to satisfy copyright requirements.


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In 1538 Thomas Cromwell ordered each parish in England and Wales to keep a register of baptisms, marriages, and burials. At first the normal practice was to record such events on loose sheets, many of which have been lost or destroyed but in 1598 each parish kept a bound register. It became the practice for each parish to copy the entries made the previous year and to forward this transcript to the bishop of the diocese or to the head of the relevant peculiar jurisdiction.

There are therefore two sources of parish records, the original registers and the bishops transcripts. Most of the parish registers are now stored in a County Record Office, although a few are still in the individual churches.


From 1 July 1837 the state took responsibility for the registration of all births, marriages, and deaths in England and Wales. Each local register office holds records of every birth, marriage and death which has taken place within their district and can provide copies of entries, in the form of a certificate, on request. A central index is held at the Family Records Centre in Kew where you can go in person or the GRO in Southport which will provide copies on postal, phone or online application.

Births - From September 1911, the mother's maiden name is included in the index

Marriages - Husband's and wife's names are not cross-referenced in the earlier indexes. It is necessary to look up both husband's and wife's names separately in the indexes and check that the reference number is the same, to be sure that you have found the correct marriage. From March 1912, the surname of the spouse is included i.e. when you look up the husband's name, you will also find the wife's maiden name.

Deaths - Early death indexes - those from July 1837 to March 1866 - record the name of the deceased only. Indexes from March 1866 to March 1969 also give the deceased's age at death, and indexes from March 1969 also give the date of birth, if it was known by the informant who registered the death.

The birth, marriage, and death certificates displayed on this website are produced by the GRO and provided in compliance with Crown copyright protection.

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The first census for the whole of Britain, except Ireland, was taken in 1801, but no central archive material survives from that exercise or from the following censuses of 1811, 1821, and 1831. From 1841 the census has been collected by the office of the Registrar General.

A number of enumerators were appointed for each sub-district, to issue forms and collect them the day after census night, and to copy the information into books. The transcripts, or ‘enumerators’ returns’, for 1841-1901 survive. Those for England and Wales are available for consultation in microfilm form at the Public Record Office at Kew, Richmond, Surrey. Microfilm copies of the returns for particular districts are often available at public libraries and local record offices. A number of websites now have the census indexes and images available online for a subscription charge.

The census images displayed on this website were obtained from and are provided in compliance with their copyright policy. Click on the icon above to visit their website


This section brings together all the various reports that have been written about our Datlen ancestors. These reports are scattered about the website but are categorised below for easy reference.






Photographs have been categorised for easy access. Please choose a category from the list below.



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