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Events and Announcements



Latest site update

June 2010
At last! I have completed the backlog of material that I had piled up over the years. I can now say that the Datlen Family Tree Project is fully up-to-date. Latest editions include:-

I am now going to take a break from the Datlen Family Tree Project so that I can concentrate on other activities. Please keep in contact and continue to send me any information, stories, certificates and photos for the collection.


Research Activities

Saturday 5th May 2007 - attended the “Who Do You Think You Are” Live National History Show at Olympia, London. Spoke to “expert” Sophie Pigott who gave me advice and direction on how to:-

  • Research the French census in connection with Emma Datlen
  • Consult the Rate Books for Chatham which may give us more information regarding Johannes Datlen


Thanks & Acknowledgements

I would like to thank everyone who has made a contribution to the Datlen Family tree Project in particular the following people deserve a special mention not only for their contributions but for their support and encouragement.

Robert Terry Datlen 1899 - 1970 (1st Cousin three times removed)
son of Frederick / Robert / Robert / Johannes
Robert laid the foundations of the Datlen Family Tree researching his family history in a time before computers and the Internet. His early work has enabled us to enhance and grow the Datlen Family Tree to where it is today.

Raymond Hector Datlen 1916 - 2000 (Great Uncle)
son of Edwin / Charles / Robert / Robert
A keen genealogist who inspired me in my youth and started me on the hunt for Emma Datlen.

Edwina Alberta Baker nee Datlen 1924 - 1998 (Great Aunt)
dau of Edwin / Charles / Robert / Robert / Johannes
Edwina provided me with lots of information, stories and photographs.

Andy Russell Datlen (4th cousin twice removed)
son of Eric / William / Charles / Adam / Johannes
Andy carried on where Robert Terry Datlen left off. He developed the Datlen “online” community, collated vital information, facts, stories and memories from Datlen’s near and far and is the Author of “The Datlen Family Tree”, first edition, March 1999

Eulyce Arkleysmith nee Ramsom (4th cousin twice removed)
dau of Ivor Ransom  / Elizabeth Datlen / Charles / Adam / Johannes

Barbara White nee Hall (2nd cousin once removed)
dau of Megan Monk / Eleanor Datlen / Charles / Robert / Robert / Johannes

Mary Russell Suter nee Datlen (4th cousin twice removed)
dau of William / William / Charles / Adam / Johannes


Links (to other useful websites and resources)

The Datlen Family Tree and Homepage, maintained by Andy R Datlen.
The master Index of Individuals and InterneTree of the Extended Datlen Family.

The website.
Interactive members only area containing lots of research material, photos and messgaes relating to the Datlen family. Please contact me to obtain a username and password to access this site.
CityArk is the web presence of the Medway Council Archives Service. Includes the original Parish Registers for St Mary’s Church, Chatham, Kent



The forums area is a place where you can discuss and communicate with other family members. Below is a list of what you can expect to find:-

Member Introductions
This forum is where you can tell other family members about yourself, your interests and hobbies. You could also add details of your current research interests such as names or places in case any one else may have some related information they can share with you.

Family Announcements
If you have a special occasion to announce such as a birth or marriage or you are planning a 70th birthday bash for great uncle Ernest then why not tell us about it on this forum.

Datlen Research
This forum is where you can post any news regarding your own research and read about what others are doing.

Website Forum
Use this forum to leave your feedback about this website.  If you have any suggestions for improvements or would like to make a general comment then please feel free to add an entry to the forum.

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