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June 2010

At last! I have completed the backlog of material that I had piled up over the years. I can now say that the Datlen Family Tree Project is fully up-to-date. Latest editions include:-

  • 1911 census for England and Wales (includes Soldiers serving overseas)
  • The Times newspaper archives
  • Additional profile records

I am now going to take a break from the Datlen Family Tree Project so that I can concentrate on other activities. Please keep in contact and continue to send me any information, stories, certificates and photos for the collection.

January 2010

The UK Births, Marriages & Deaths have now been published to the website and profile pages updated. With all the new editions the profile page was taking too long to load so I have split it into separate pages by alphabet.

October 2008

  • Added New York Passenger Lists 1820 - 1957
  • Reviewd Datlen Migrations page

July 2008

  • Added BT27 - UK Outbound Passenger Lists 1890 - 1960
  • Changed Profiles page to show icons for events

May 2008

  • Reformatted site so that it displays accurately and consistently in different browsers.
  • 1901 census added - other census years updated with additions and corrections.

December 2007

I have been playing around with the cosmetics of the web-site again. Adding a few fineries here and there and generally correcting formatting errors.

I have completed the 1891 census section. Check it out and see if you can find your Datlen ancestors. I have also added a few records from earlier censuses that I have missed the first time round.

May 2007

  • Site restructuring.
  • Added Photo Album section to main page.
  • Split main page into “Title Page” and “Home Page”

December 2006

  • Completed 1881 British census.
  • Updated Genealogy section.

October 2006

  • Completed 1871 British census.
  • Added “Strays” section to Research pages.

September 2006

  • Added GedMill generated family tree to Genealogy link
  • Added Joseph Datlen (son of Johannes) and family to 1841 census page.
  • Added report “The Search for Joseph Datlen”
  • Updated report references to hyperlinked text.

August 2006

  • Completed 1861 British census.

July 2006
It has been a busy month with lots of new content added. I have introduced tags to the profiles pages so if you hover your mouse pointer over the question mark you should see lineage information for that individual. Also hovering your mouse pointer over the check marks will display the persons age at the time of the census. Here’s whats new:-

  • Completed site structure.
  • Added 1841 census images.
  • Started GRO birth, marriage and death tables.
  • Started baptism, marriages and burial tables.
  • Introduced tags to denote lineage and age on Profiles page.
  • 1851 British Census added.
  • Maidstone 1999 report added.

June 2006
It has been over a year but I have at last got round to updating the website. Here is a list of what’s been added:-

  • Added World War one history content complete with individual soldiers reports
  • Changed the “Read all about it” page to “The Notice Board”.
  • Johannes Datlen profile added.

May 2005
I have added more content to the site and changed cosmetics. The History section has been updated with Timeline and many reports.

Added 1841 census tables and images. Started Datlen Profiles section.

December 2004
The Datlen Family website located at has been given a last minute repreive thanks to Andy R Datlen. This means that we can continue to enjoy using the website for another year.

August 2004
Development of this website has been rather slow but I blame that on my wife Sally for giving me a 12 month subscription to the UK collection. I have gathered a tremendous amount of information during the year and have been slowly updating my own records. I have collected a substantial amount of Datlen related material to add to the small mountain of stuff that I need to transfer onto this website.

I highly recommend the UK collection to anyone with British ancestry. It is very good value for money and you get access to the 1871, 1891 and 1901 census returns along with many other resources. I am considering extending my subscription for another year and take advantage of the strong UK Pound against the US Dollar rate for even better value.

June 2004
The website was launched. I decided to create this website after announced that they were going to charge users for their MyFamily website which was previously offered as a free service.  I wanted to preserve the information that had been gathered over a number of years and provide a place where family members can keep in touch with research and general chit chat.




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